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Eat healthier - food is fuel for life

If you pay for your school lunch with your Streetbase Card you earn points every time you buy healthy items food. Points are awarded for fruit, vegetables, fish and much more. By eating healthier you can earn rewards faster than ever. For example, if you eat just one apple a day for two weeks you will already have enough points to claim a free swim.

There are 4 events in FOOD:

Foods worth 1 point

1 point per drink e.g. water, milk, fruit juices. NB This does not include tea, coffee or fizzy drinks.

1 point for each cereal

Points: 1

Foods worth 2 points

2 points per vegetable portion e.g. mushrooms, jacket potato. NB this does not include chips, wedges or pasties

2 points if a dish includes vegetables e.g. chilli con carne, quiche, chicken chow mein, tagines, spaghetti bolognaise, gumbo

2 points per salad e.g. cous cous salad, mixed bean salad

2 points per sandwich that includes salad e.g. ham salad baguette, BLT

2 points per fruit item e.g. apple, banana. NB This does not include flavoured sponge

2 points per fruit jelly

2 points per pasta pot/dish with a vegetable or fish topping e.g. beans or tuna topping. NB This also includes lasagne, but does not include plain pasta or pasta simply topped with cheese

2 points per fish dish

2 points for a bowl of porridge

2 points for a bowl of soup

2 points for a yoghurt

Points: 2

All Meal Deals are worth 4 points

Save money and grab yourself a tasty balanced meal by purchasing a meal deal from your school.

Points: 4

Xmas Meal Points Give Away

Enjoy the Christmas meal at your school and receive a very merry 15 bonus points, helping you to earn rewards even faster.

Points: 15